Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guess Who's Back?


I know I sound like an absolute fanatic writing this, but I was ecstatic to see that my favorite athlete of all-time, Randy Moss, has found a new place to peddle his wares. I was equally ecstatic that the place he ended up was San Francisco, not New Orleans, a team he tried out for prior. It would have been hard to cheer on Moss in a Saints uni, as much as I love watching him. I hope to see the Moss of old returning, focused on winning a championship and keeping his mouth shut, not the Moss of Oakland and 2010. If so, "The Freak" is capable of making breathtaking plays with his once in a generation athleticism. If not, he will likely be shown the door quickly so not to ruin the chemistry of a Niners team that was a few miscues away from a Super Bowl berth last year.

The assumption is he only has come back with one thing in mind: a championship. There have been no stories about Moss being short on cash ala Terrell Owens, and considering the teams he tried out for it appears he was looking to join a contender. The Vikings aren't going to be favorites in Vegas to win the Super Bowl this year, and I personally will be rooting for the Niners to get to the Super Bowl next year if it can't be our guys. Winning a title is a heal-all for athletes everywhere. Moss certainly shouldn't need any help getting to Canton, but his M.O. will always be, 'play when I wanna play' until he gets his ring.

My prediction? I have concerns about whether Alex Smith has the leadership qualities and quarterbacking skills to keep Randy's bad side in check. Smith is not exactly an elite passer, despite having a career year last year, and if he is inconsistent I could see Moss checking out. Anyone who watched him play in Oakland knows what I'm talking about. At his worst, Moss would give up milliseconds after the ball left the QB's hand and lazily jog as the ball flew towards his feet. If Smith can play well, I see Moss flourishing. But with Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree competing for catches with him, one has to wonder if he will be able to fit in a role player position. Sadly, I can't predict this will end well for him. I don't think Alex Smith or anyone on the Niners roster is going to be able to keep Moss in check like only Cris Carter and Tom Brady were able to. However, if I've overlooked someone and that player DOES exist on the Niners, we could be in for some new highlights. If you are a Moss hater, you'll love this: as I was reading the comments section under the ESPN article of his signing, an exchange occurred that I had planned on copy-pasting in here and lost. However, I can paraphrase.

Commenter 1: Moss is like a plasma screen TV that you find at a garage sale. It probably doesn't work, but if it does...
Commenter 2: It'll end up bursting into flames and burning the entire house down. Best to stay away from the TV altogether.

The second catch on this reel is my favorite Moss play of all-time....

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  1. I've missed the One Clap video! Priceless. I enjoy reading your blog JR. :)